Vessel Features

Vessel features include:

  • Twin screws driven by 500 hp main engines provide a passage speed of 13 to 14 knots;
  • Centre loiterer main engine allows economical low speed surveying;
  • HIAB style hydraulic crane for camera, grabs or sonar deployment;
  • Shallow draft of 1.9 metres for inshore work;
  • Reverse osmosis unit provides fresh water up to 1 tonne per day;
  • Storage areas and workshop area for repairs and maintenance;
  • Comfortable accommodation for up to 8 persons with well fitted galley;
  • Messroom with satellite TV, library and music facilities;
  • Morven is of GRP construction thus a steel platform aft for electric / hydraulic winches to be mounted is provided;
  • Heavy overside beam on port side for mounting swath and other equipment;
  • Beam is sufficiently rigid not to require constant re-calibrations each time it is lifted; and
  • A scaffold pole mounting can be bolted to the starboard side for single beam units.